Once you've logged in you can start bidding.

Please note!

  • Read the auction terms and conditions carefully beforehand.
  • The bid that you place is the amount you are willing to spend on the artwork. That is exclusive of Postage & Packing (P&P) and buyer's premium.
  • The buyer's premium is €9.50 per piece.
  • P&P is another €35.00 for ach artwork (total € 44.50).
  • All bids are final: you cannot retract your bid. A bid is a binding contract. By bidding, you also indicate that you accept the general auction terms and conditions of Veilet Veilingen.

How to bid
Go to the piece of art you wish to bid on. This page contains all the information you need to decide how much to bid:

  • Description of the artwork
  • End date and end time of the auction
  • The current bid and the amount of the subsequent bid.

Enter the amount that you wish to bid. When you click on 'bid', you will see a summary with the total amount including all charges associated with your bid or AutoBid. But your bid is not final yet.

  • Click the 'place bid' button to confirm your bid. Your bid is now binding and ready for us to process.

Your bid will be confirmed by email.

OutBid. If you are outbid, you have the option of placing a new bid. You will receive an email if you have been outbid.