Watch your bids

Click ‘My bids’ on your dashboard. You can now see exactly which pieces you are bidding on. You can also see whether you are still the highest bidder. PLEASE NOTE: the overview of your bids does not refresh automatically. To be completely up to date, you need to refresh the page manually.

Bid increments

If someone places a higher bid, the bid is automatically raised by a bid increment. The exact amount of the bid increment depends on the amount of the current bid. Standard bid increments:

When does which bid increment apply?

Current highest bid Increment
€    0 -      €    50 €  2,50
€   50 -      €   100 €  5
€ 100 -      €   500  €  10
€ 500 -      €  1000 €  15
Above € 1000 €  50

Bidding wisely and fairly

If someone places a bid within the last five minutes before the auction ends (21:00 CET), we will extend the end time for that artwork by five minutes. If another bid is received, the auction will be extended again. This is to prevent 'sniper bidding'.

Your own bid is green

On the page with the artwork's details, your bids have a green colour. The bids of other bidder have a grey colour.