Bid and AutoBid

You bid a certain amount for an artwork. If you are outbid, you have the option of placing a new bid. You will receive an email if you have been outbid.


AutoBid is comparable to absentee bidding during a live auction. You indicate the maximum price you are willing to pay for the artwork. The auction system will bid on your behalf: each time you are outbid, the system will place a new bid (based on the standard bid increments). The system will continue placing bids up to your maximum amount, if necessary. The system will only stop when someone else submits a bid that is higher than your maximum amount. You will receive an immediate email update on the status of your bid in that case.

Example: someone bids €250 on an auction item and you are willing to pay a maximum of €450 for it. You select the AutoBid option and enter an amount of €450. In the €100 - €500 category, the bid increment is €10 per bid. The system will then bid €260 on your behalf. If someone else bids €270, the system will bid €280 on your behalf. If no one else bids, you will have won the auction for €280. If the bidding continues, the system will keep bidding along on your behalf until your maximum bid of €450 has been reached. (These amounts are exclusive of buyer's premium).
You can lower your automatic bid by placing a new AutoBid: choose a bid that just barely exceeds the current bid. You will then still be the highest bidder until someone else places a higher bid.

Please note that the standard bid increments apply also to AutoBid (see "Watch your bids" for more information on bid increments). Example: your current bid for an artwork is €175 and you have set an AutoBid of €190. Someone else places a bid of €185. This person will then have the highest bid, since €185 can only be overbidden by a bid of €195, which is higher than your AutoBid of €190. This would also be the case if this person placed a bid of €190, which can not be overbidden by an AutoBid of €190.